Network Penetration Testing

The smooth operation of an organization requires the unhindered functionality of their infrastructure. Nowadays, cyber attacks are capable of causing serious damage in different fields of an organization such as:

Data Leakage
Denial of Service
Interruption of the production procedure

Project Zero, using bleeding edge techniques and tools, can undertake your IT infrastructure security either in the form of evaluation (security audit) or in the form of penetration testing or even a combination of these depending the needs and requirements of your organization. Testing your infrastructure before a cyber attack, it is possible to prepare and secure your business, products and clients against the attackers.


Wireless Network Security Assessment

Currently WiFi (IEEE 802.11) networks are not only an easy way to access the internet, but are utilized by a wide range of devices , from CCTV up thermostats because of the convenience they offer. However, insufficient security accompanying the WiFi protocol makes wireless networks one of the easiest targets for an attacker.
Project Zero can assess the security of your wireless network with the aid of configuration analysis, state-of-the-art attack methods and attacker detection and help you plan a truly reliable and secure wireless network.